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Winning Tongue Plate Bit - Dee Snaffle Eggbutt Lightweight



The only bit in the world to win a prestigious Australian and International design award and rated by leading riders and trainers as revolutionary.

The standard Dee Snaffle Eggbutt being the most popular.

Guide for height and Breed of the horse and the size of the bit required: 

  • Ponies 9hands -11hands high 4inch (10cm)
  • Horses 11.1Hands – to 14 Hands high 4.5 inch (11.5cm)
  • Horses 14.1 hands to 16 hands 5inch (12.5cm)
  • Thoroughbreds from 15 hands -17 hands 5inch (12.5cm)
  • Warmbloods 16 hands -18  hands 5.5 inch ( 13.5cm)
  • Clydesdales 16.2 Hands -18 Hands 6 inch (14.5cm)