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Monty Roberts Official Dually Training Halter MEDIUM/COB (with FREE DVD)


  • OFFICIAL MONTY ROBERTS Patented Schooling Halter. Adjustable double noseband High quality brass hardware is designed to breakaway under extreme pressure
  • Designed by Monty and effectively rewards horses for acting in partnership with you. Training aid when leading, loading, long-lining
  • Can be used as a bit-less bridle, a painless training aid or as a standard halter on the bottom ring
  • Left & right side rings offering lateral control while driving or leading. Highly adjustable on chin, nose and poll
  • Dually Measurements Nose- Minimum 23 in (58,4 cm), Maximum 31 in (78,7 cm) Head- Minimum 37 in (94 cm), Maximum 45 in (114,3 cm) Cheek - From Ring - Ring 8 in (20,3 cm)