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Core Sensory Belt

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Ideal belt to train your Core Muscle

*Ideal for new mums to wear after child birth. Supports your abdominals
*Ideal for horse riders needing a reminder to engage your core and helps your core kick into action
*Wear over your clothes, so easy to put on and off as needed
*Please note the tourmaline material does generate heat, wear it over clothes.
*Comfortable to wear
*You can wear it riding, exercising, or at work

This is different to a back brace because it has a different action.

The belt has been designed to wear around the lower waist below your belly button. It is designed to activate the Abdominal area of the Transverse Abdominal Muscle. 

The belt, therefore, has two major segments. The rear segment is non-stretch and extends from the hip bone to the hip bone in your lower back. The front segment is made up of two elastic bands that cross over in opposite directions and extend from hip bone to hip bone across your mid and lower tummy in the front.

The action of the rear segment is to act as an anchor for the elastic segments, similar to the anatomy of the Transverse Abdominal Muscle.

The action of the crossover elastic is to follow the Transverse Abdominal Muscle fibers and stimulate and support the action of the core muscle fibers as they contract. The action is similar to rock tape