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From Strength to Strength Hb - Sara Henderson Books



From Strength to Strength Hb - Sara Henderson | 9780330339827

This is an autobiography of Sara Henderson. In 1959, Sara met American war hero and shipping magnate, Charles Henderson II, and so began what she calls the world's most demanding, humilating and challenging obstacle course any human could be expected to endure. Three years after their marriage, Charles presented Sara with her new home - a tin shack in a million acres of red dust - Bullo River. After twenty years of back-breaking work on this remote Nothern Australian cattle station, Charlie's death revealed that Sara had not only been left with a floundering property, but also with a mountain of debt. With very little to lose, Sara and her daughters, Marlee and Danielle, took up the challenge of rebuilding Bullo River. In 1991, Sara was named the Bulletin/Quantas Businesswoman of the year.